Concert Sound System on Rent

Looking for the best concert sound system on rent in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida? 7 Wonders International offers the concert sound system rental service to clients. Whether you need high-quality sound equipment, DJ, event organizer, projector, music system and LED TV or PA system, we have got you covered. All our sound equipment or systems are sourced from the best brands to ensure customers get perfect execution during concerts.

We work with a creative and young team of executives to offer the best customer- oriented management procedures. We also offer the best event production services to expand our existing market. The best thing about our team is that each individual is completely involved in research and development to meet our long-term perspective by offering the best services at affordable concert sound system rental prices.

What makes our services stand out?

  • We are one of the leading event management companies in India.
  • We have a strong presence in major North Indian cities.
  • We offer high-quality audiovisual equipment rental.

Apart from these attributes, we have a dedicated and professional team of rental consultants who are there 24/7 to solve the issues faces by our worthy clients during our sound rental services.

Basic Elements of Concert Sound

Audio is crucial for any live concert. So, we ensure that our onstage sound system executes superior performance during an event. For understanding what is required for creating a successful concert, we provide a small introduction of different elements.

Input Sources

For delivering the right impact, one needs a quality audio source. There are different ways to achieve it. However, we accomplish this task with a few common applications, such as:

  • Direct Interface for modifying an electronic audio source to prepare it for sending signals electronically to a controlled solution, which is usually a pre-amplifier.
  • Microphones are other important audio equipment required for capturing sounds and electronically sending them to a controllable solution, a pre-amplifier.
  • Line Source comes through sources like top-grade digital media servers, video players and wireless microphones.

We have an extensive inventory that includes different types of direct interfaces, microphones and line source equipment from different providers.


When looking for an amplifier for indoor or outdoor use, one needs to consider its output and power efficiency. Even flexible speaker settings are important, as speakers do need signal processing for maximising effective output for any speaker enclosure. Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) equipped within amplifiers are also efficient in handling both these tasks.

7 Wonders International makes use of the top grade DSP integrated amplifiers to offer the best execution on stage.


We also have a huge inventory of different types of speakers to offer the best audio coverage. All thanks to the advanced Acoustics technology, our speaker systems available for rent can outperform the competition due to their awesome sound quality.

Audio Consoles

The central hub of the right signal flow is the top-rated audio console (or mixing consoles). These are often used for receiving the inputs. This equipment even has pre-amplification for Direct Interfaces, microphones and other sources of pre-recorded and live sources. Every source is further represented by input to achieve the desired sound for presentation. Finally, the audio console helps in routing the sound through different paths to reach speakers and amplifiers.

In-Ear Monitors and IEM

IEM system is helpful for artists to custom mix a few or all audio sources. These monitors can provide anyone with ready audible sources to evolve constantly. With the advancement in technology and the growth of more audible sources, the new IEM systems are being designed to offer clearer, discrete and concise monitoring while reducing the need for increasing the stage volume.

Our Services

7 Wonders International offers the prime concert sound system rental and other sound systems for varying small or large events. We understand the importance of the right audio equipment for the success of an event. Nowadays, the audience expects concerts to be of the international level, so the need for a high-end sound system for concerts is significant for musicians.

We expertise in offering the top grade concert sound system on rent in Delhi, Noida, or Gurgaon for event parties, music events, business success parties, etc. Our professional team of technicians understands the difference between the sound required for a general event and a concert. So, the clients don’t have to worry about any type of sound equipment they need to make their concert a hit.

Not just concerts, we also offer the best quality PA systems for Conferences, Product Launches, Sporting Events, Fashion Shows, School Musicals, Exhibitions, Music Bands, and Weddings & Parties. Our experienced specialists are well-trained in handling all sorts of services that a client may require. That’s why our clients rate us as the best company for Concert Sound System Rental Services, Party Sound System on Rent in Delhi and Conference Party Sound System Delhi.

We also offer other services – from portable stage rentals and dance floor rentals to full audio and video production service and more. So, if anyone ever needs the high-quality gear for any of these events in the future, 7 Wonders International is always there to help.

Why Rent Sound System For Concert From 7 Wonders International?

  • We offer original products sourced from the top brands
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  • We provide on-demand customisation of setup
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  • We also offer hassle-free maintenance