Event Furniture on rent

Looking for furniture for special events like corporate parties, weddings, anniversary, or other occasions? 7 Wonders International offers quality event furniture rental for different events.

You may contact us for rental of tables and chairs for events, as well as to rent elegant displays, counters and other essentials that you may require to make your event successful. We also offer decorative accessories for helping you create an outstanding event.

We rent furniture for a day to make life easier for event planners. Having the lightweight and portable furniture available for business events, weddings or other functions is important, as it’s convenient to move or relocate. Moreover, people get the option to choose out of an extensive range of furniture units. Besides, we offer help wherever needed and also guide you to make your big event a grand success.

Why Choose 7 Wonders International For Furniture Rental?

After deciding the right venue for an event, the next thing one has to think about is the right event furniture. Investing in new furniture just for an event is not a wise decision, so people look for the best event furniture on rent.

7 Wonders International is one of the best furniture rental companies offering table rental, chair rental and other furnishings as per your requirement.

Here are some reasons why most of the customers trust our rental services:

  • Your go-to furniture rental destination: With 7 Wonders International, you can easily choose desired furniture and decor elements for any event – be it a wedding, birthday party, corporate event and music event or any other special event. Whether you need tables to display company products in an exhibition or need a sofa or chairs for guests at the event, we’ve got you covered. With our high-quality furniture units, event planners can easily create a stunning interior for a successful event.
  • Quick delivery & return: No matter whether your event is in Delhi, Gurgaon, Dehradun, Noida or any other surrounding area, we offer easy and hassle-free relocation of the event furniture. The customers don’t have to worry about damaging the furniture during transit. All customers have to do is choose the furniture on rent for their specific event, place the order with accurate address and payment and we’ll take care of the rest. From quick delivery of the rented furniture to pick up from the venue, we handle everything without bothering clients.
  • Affordable rental furniture: When planning a big event, most people are on a strict budget. No matter what your budget requirement is, we at 7 Wonders International fulfil your furniture needs by allowing you to choose from the high quality furniture rental options for your event type. Once clients share their budgetary requirements with us, we’ll show them different furniture items that meet their requirement for planning the event.
  • Value and quality: Most of our customers trust us because we offer them great value for money by providing the best furniture units. First, we make sure that our clients get the best deal. In the furniture rental business, the price of rented furniture pieces may vary from one company to another due to various reasons like time and location. This usually happens due to the increasing or decreasing demand for rental furniture. For instance, the demand for rented furniture will be higher during wedding season or festive season. However, we ensure that we manage everything well to offer the best deal to our customers.

NO transportation cost:

When you rent furniture from 7 Wonders International, you need not pay any transportation cost. Our services include free delivery and pick-up services. We employ expert team members to make sure that the rental furniture reaches to the venue on time and in prime condition. Our team is well-trained to efficiently service any type of event and also meet clients’ last-minute needs. This certainly adds a wow factor for our services. We even eliminate the labour and coordination costs for your furniture on rent.

Contact us for renting the best quality furniture to meet the needs of your event – be it a wedding, corporate event or any other event.