Sound System on Rent Meerut

Sound System on Rent Meerut

7 Wonders International offers a high-quality sound system on rent in Meerut. Our world-class PA systems and sound reinforcement systems depend on the needs of customers.

Our clients also demand the Live Sound system on rent for their event. However, arranging live sound can be tricky and lead to various catastrophic breakdowns in an event. To avoid such a situation, one needs the correct and quality equipment installed under the supervision of experienced sound engineers.

Quality Equipment

We offer the best sound equipment on rent, such as:

  • Wireless Handheld Microphones
  • Linear Array Systems
  • Line Array Systems
  • Curvature Array Systems
  • Headset Microphones
  • Basic to Expert Drum Kits
  • Lapel Microphones
  • Digital and Analog Mixers
  • DJ Players & Mixers
  • Audio Splitters
  • In-Ear Monitoring Systems
  • Stage Monitors
  • Sub Snakes and Microphone Snakes – Analog and Digital
  • Backline Equipment – Bass Amps, Guitar Amps and Keyboard Amps
  • Two speaker setups for small events
  • Simple speaker system for weddings, conferences, discos, etc.

We offer the top speaker on rent from popular brands, including JBL, Midas, RCF, D&B, AKG, Pioneer, Marshall, Crown, Soundcraft, Shure, Behringer, Roland, Ampeg and more.

Factors Affecting Sound

We offer the best sound on rent after considering the following factors:

  • Type of venue – Indoor or Outdoor
  • Size of venue
  • Number of people attending an event
  • Events on stage
  • Area to be covered
  • Budget, etc.

All these factors help our experts to guide customers in choosing the best equipment for their event.

Sound for Various Events

Meerut is a fun city with a decent number of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping malls that need the best sound for arranging different events. Here are some major sections to which we offer a sound system on rent in Meerut:

Bar and Restaurant Sound

We understand the need for a quality sound system in a restaurant and bar setting. The clear and precise sound is what any gathering requires. Our expert technicians can effectively design a simple music setup for creating a thumping music system for bars and restaurants. Some of our popular sound equipment or tools available for these venues include stage set up for bands, speakers, DJ equipment, mics, big screens and more.

Nightclub Sound

Finding the best equipment for a live DJ sound system is not an easy task. But with the help of our experts, you can find the best DJ sound needed for nightclubs, as well as other private gatherings. Just contact us and let us know your requirements. Our experts will provide you with a suitable plan as per your requirements.

Retail and Shop Sound

Having good background music in retail shops or hotels is important to create the right vibe and ambience for customers. Hire our sound system during the special events or festivals to enhance the vibe of your shop or retail store.

Sound for Weddings/Engagements/Birthday Parties/ Business Events

A good sound system is essential for small private or corporate events. We understand the budget constraints and the need for the best equipment. So, we offer the best sound system on rent to help our clients to set up a great mood for guests while cutting down the expenditure.

Get in Touch

7 Wonders International specialises in offering the best sound systems and strives to be the reason behind your most memorable experiences. Contact our professional team of sound engineers and technicians to get the best sound system on rent Meerut for enhancing the ambience of any event.