Swiss Cottage Tent on Rent

7 Wonders International offers a beautifully crafted range of Swiss Cottage Tent on rent for camping, exhibition, display canopy, conference, events, etc. Most customers prefer Swiss Cottage tents due to their low maintenance and easy installation or setup. When not in use, you can easily fold, pack and transport them to another location.

Different uses of Swiss cottage tents:

Swiss cottage tents are manufactured to offer comfortable accommodation to campers, event organizers or other individuals looking for a temporary but optimum level of aristocrat living.

For the outdoor camping, these tents are amazing to stay in, as they offer the comfort of home. Besides facilities, these tents protect inhabitants from unpredictable weather conditions.

Usually, tour operators, lodges, farmhouses, resorts and hotels rent the Swiss Cottage tent from 7 Wonders International to install it at their courtyard. Due to the gorgeous structure and design of this tent, it draws the attention of travellers and tourists. The stunning Swiss Cottage tent can also be customised depending on the response of the majority of customers. We even work with some expert artisans who are efficient in fabricating these tents with a beautiful colour combination. When the master bedroom is furnished with everything, along with a toiler and veranda, this tent looks no less than a deluxe room of a five-star hotel. Plus, each segment within the tent can be separated by decorative curtains to ensure privacy.

Types of Swiss Cottage Tent:

Swiss tent is the creation of experienced designers and workers, who fabricate them in different types and designs to create an impressive structure. Here are the different types of Swiss Cottage Tents:

  • Indian Swiss cottage tent: This tent is a bit smaller than the standard version. But it has a wide space outside the tent area.
  • Resort Swiss cottage tent: This special Swiss Cottage tent is fabricated with the highest quality silk to make it alluring, robust and elegant.
  • Luxury Swiss cottage tent: This luxury tent boasts gorgeous aesthetic appeal from all angles. It is supported by ropes for making its structure stronger.
  • Lavish Swiss cottage tent: This tent structure will remind you of adventurous jungle safari tents. However, its interior is quite comfortable and protective.
  • Elegant Swiss cottage tent: This stylish tent is also supported by ropes to make it more substantial. It is quite wide, spacious and airy. Plus, the material used for creating this tent is durable and waterproof.
  • Classic Swiss cottage tent: The classic Swiss cottage tent has extra space to enjoy living closer to nature.
  • Royal Swiss cottage tents: As the name indicates, these tents boast a touch of royalty in their exterior and interior decor. Meanwhile, it’s intended to offer the comfort of a five-star hotel to inhabitants.

Swiss Cottage Tents on Rent in Haridwar

These tents are mostly used in hotels, resorts, farmhouses, lodges, coffee estates, and tea plantation areas. We offer the best quality Swiss Cottage tents on rent in Haridwar, Jaisalmer, Delhi and other locations in India. Our Swiss tents are sourced from the best brands that use the finest quality fabric to withstand any weather conditions.

Available in various colour options and interior designs, our Swiss Cottage tents can easily withstand all weather conditions – be it extreme cold or hot. We offer Swiss tent on rental at affordable prices. But we make sure that you receive the best quality tent for any event.

Features of Swiss Cottage tent are

  • Withstand all weather conditions
  • Snowproof
  • Waterproof
  • Stunning Interior
  • Optimum tensile strength
  • Indian Traditional tent influenced by Mughal-style architecture


Size options available in our SWISS Cottage Tents are:

  • 24’X12′
  • 28’X14′
  • 32’X16′

Colour options:

The colours available for our Swiss Cottage tent are Off-white, white, Rust, Green, Khakhi and more.


Our Swiss cottage tents can be equipped with all basic to luxury amenities, including:

  • Attached washroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • King/Queen size beds
  • Furnishing
  • LCD TV
  • Odour-free rooms
  • Stain-free interiors

Swiss Cottage Tent on Rent in Jaisalmer

We also offer Swiss cottage tents on rent in Jaisalmer, featuring all the aforementioned amenities and specifications. Besides all these facilities, these tents are made from three layers of cloth for added protection. These tents also include proper windows for ventilation and contain semi-circular or rectangular veranda at the front section, as well as the bathroom at the rear. The Swiss Cottage Tents are supported by a solid stainless steel pole and frame. They also come with option wooden door or other features depending on the demand of our customers.

Contact us for hiring any desired Swiss cottage tent for your event.