Walkie Talkie on Rent

7 Wonders International offers quality and branded Walkie Talkie on rent for easy two-way communication during events. This simple equipment is intended to offer basic communication within short distances.

Our customers often search for walkie talkie on rent near me on Google to reach to us. Our high-quality walkie talkie ensures clear communication even in the noisiest environments, such as concerts, movie sets, business events, security procedures, stadiums, etc. We offer walkie talkie rental with or without Lithium-ion battery, depending on the requirement of the user.

How does a walkie-talkie works?

A group of people using walkie-talkies to interact need to tune in to a same frequency band or channel. Since their radios are “receiving,” their microphone units work as loudspeakers and even hiss due to static. It’s somewhat like a conventional radio that is not tuned into a specific station.

When anyone wants to contact the other person, they have to hold a push-to-talk button on walkie-talkie. This time the radio goes quiet when the loudspeaker switches over to microphone. When they talk into it, the words are further converted into radio waves to beam out the words on a prearranged channel.

As radio waves of a walkie-talkie are part of inbuilt electromagnetic spectrum, they can travel at a lighting fast speed of around 300,000 km/second. This means the waves are picked up immediately by other handsets. These radio waves are further converted into electric signals and the loudspeakers could easily reproduce the sound of a talker’s voice. When a person is finished talking, he/she can say “over” and release the push-to-talk button. After this the radio again switches back to the listening mode to allow other person to talk.

Pros of walkie talkie

  • It’s durable, muscular and long-lasting
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  • It comes with an anti-slip gripping design
  • Offers high-quality performance even in noisy environments
  • It’s easy to use for two-way communication


We offer event walkie talkie rentals for different types of occasions, such as

  • Music events
  • Security proceedings in large crowds
  • Regional and state fairs
  • Sports competitions
  • Trade group promotions
  • School or church functions
  • Refinery company turnarounds
  • Company parties and picnics
  • Trucking outfits
  • Travel tour operators

Technical Specifications

We offer top-rated walkie talkie two-way radios that are portable and thus, suitable for quick conversation during events. Most customers prefer our half-duplex communication device. They can even use our multiple walkie-talkie devices using a single radio channel for transmitting one radio channel on different devices at a time, as many individuals can listen to it.

Besides push to talk walkie talkies, we also provide a wide range of DSLR, Go Pro, digital camera and 4K camera on rent, as well as event radio rentals.

Terms & Conditions

Hiring equipment from us is a completely hassle-free procedure.

  • Pickup – We offer only site pickup.
  • For address and contact details, check out our contact us page or search for the address on Google Maps. For delivery, a small amount is charged and it must be submitted during the booking.
  • The delivery option is available depending on the equipment and distance.

Product Availability Check

Always make sure that products for booking are available with us. You need to contact us for equipment booking 24 hours in advance so that we can confirm whether the product is available at the moment or not.